Glass window

Arcuzo Decor's Opulenz Sliding Doors

We are a well-known fenestration organization making a variety of quality products. With a modest mix of elegance, ambiance, and aesthetic design, our items are immortal and stand apart through the style of every modern interior.

Arcuzo’s Opulenz is distinctively produced but is exceptionally designed. Perfect modern creation for your place through a blend of strategic methodologies and cycles in a sustainable mode.

Features/ Benefits


      • 136/205mm Frame Depth with slim interlock section for large glass area.

      • Profile offering minimum slight lines 18-25 mm interlock

      • Rollers can bear a load of upto 400kg smoothly.

      • Max possible structural height is 5mt. and the width is 9mt.

      • Glazing options from 8mm to 36mm.

      • Stainless steel wheels in the bottom to ensure larger door size for smooth and consistent operations.



        • Maximum choice of colours

        • Air infiltration (Class 3A)

        • Static water penetration (Class 7A)

        • UV value 1.5W/M2K

        • Wind load performance upto 3000 PA

        • Non-Flammable

        • Built for extreme weather conditions

        • Durable and low maintenance

      Available in 


          • 2 track 3 shutter

          • 3 track 3 shutter

          • 3 track 36 shutter