Cero Spa Pool

Arcuzo Decor’s Majestic Doors

Majestic is a combination of aesthetic designs to make your home shine like a diamond. It has a natural, unpretentious shade and surface and effectively mixes with any contemporary stylistic layout. It is Lightweight, flexible, and strong; Majestic is considered an environment-friendly material for the perfect look. 

Feature / Benefit

  • 117/ 175 mm Frame Depth with slim interlock section for large glass area.
  • Profile offering minimum slight line 33mm interlock.
  • Rollers can bear a load of upto 300 kg smoothly.
  • Max shutter size 1.5 mt*3mt
  • Glazing option from 8mm to 32mm
  • Sleek fly mesh with transform optional.
  • Stainless steel rail and wheels in the bottom to ensure larger door size for smooth and consistent operations.


  • 2 track 3 shutter
  • 3 track 3 shutter
  • 3 track 6 shutter